Thursday, December 30, 2010


Tun Fuad Stephens Park is the biggest public park in Kota kinabalu. The park has a restaurant, hawker center, a water world, a lake and a 2 kms walking track along the jungle trail. I started walking here 2 weeks ago. The jungle canopy provides good shade along the track - making it a ideal place for jogging or walking at any time of the day.Walking in this jungle environment is just great. I like the sound of insects and birds calls. The running water of the jungle stream is just refreshing.For those who like jungle trekking, there are jungle trails like this one.

Another trail leading to the top of the hill.

A beautiful wooden bridge for people to enjoy the view at the the centre of the lake.Add Image Located at the entrance to the park is the popular Kampung Nelayan Seafood Village and a hawker centre. Both of these places have open air building structure.The Kampung Nelayan Village is popular with tourists and locals for its seafood and nightly cultural dance performance. The Kampung Nelayan Seafood village - "Fisherman Seafood Water village."

The Hawker Centre.

This is the only Water Theme Park in Kota Kinabalu featuring a very big swimming pool and lots of water slides providing great deal of fun for kids and adults alike. I could hear happy screams every time I walked pass this water park.I will be stuck to the jungle track here for quite some time to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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