Saturday, August 19, 2017


Last Friday, many low-lying areas in Kota Kinabalu were flooded after several hours of heavy downfall. Flash flood also swept into the near by suburbs including Penampang, Inanam, Telipok. Lido, Damai, Luyang and Foh Sang. People who have yet to recover from the flash flood that damaged vehicles and properties faced another one on Sunday.
   Pictures were courtesy of friends.
The worst situation: cars were stuck on the Tuaran road on Sunday. 

Friday, August 11, 2017


Heading for home, we left Sydney on a Malaysia Airlines A330-330 in the afternoon and arrived Kuala Lumpur 8 hours + later.
 Leaving Sydney.

As usual, refreshment and 2 meals were provided in this 8 hours + flight. The inflight entertainment was not updated since the last time we flew 10 months ago.  
The first meal came after 2 hours in the air.
Leaving Australian air space after about 4 hours 30 minutes in flight.
The 2nd meal.

An hour + to Kuala Lumpur. Landed at 08:30PM.
 We put up a night at Sama Sama Hotel KLIA.

The next day, our flight to Kota Kinabalu was a Malindo Air B737-800. This time we had an advance booking on Business Class.
The KLIA Premier Access lounge for Malindo Business class passengers.  
Our aircraft.
The Malaysia Airlines A380s and a B737-800 in KLIA tarmac.
  Malindo business class seating.
Leaving Peninsular Malaya.
 3 choices of "Inflight meal". I opted for the "Nasi briyani" with lamb.
It was a smooth and comfortable flight.
Final approach to Kota Kinabalu.
 Landed - "home sweet home"

Thursday, August 3, 2017


We made a day trip to Canberra to visit the Australian War Memorial. It's just a 3 hours leisure drive from Sydney.
A pleasant drive.
Entering M25
Passing the Lake George, an almost dry lake.  
  A troop of Kangaroos in the distance.
Zooming in.
 The last few km to our destination.
Entering the War Memorial ground.
Some of the war artillery exhibits outside the War Memorial building.
This piece of art showed solders helped each other to survive through terrible conditions.
The Memorial is a two stories building. It's open daily from 10:00AM to 5.00PM except Christmas day. Surprisingly there was no entry fee!
From the War memorial, the Australian Parliament House appeared in line. 
They have a collection of photos, films, documents, objects covering the stories of wars, regional battles and peace keeping missions in which Australian were involved. Very impressive!
Guns from WW1 and 2.
War planes of WW2.
War Machines.
The battle of Borneo
The faces (photos of the 17,87 Australian POW who died in North Borneo on the "Death Marches" from Sandakan to Ranau.
A cafe for the visitors just near the War Museum.
  A light snack just before leaving.
A picture to remember.

We drove to Mt. Ainslie look out. The view of the Canberra especially the Parliament house and the War Memorial was awesome.
Spotted the beautiful Rosellas and a noisy Cockatoo there.
On the way back to Sydney.

It was a worthwhile visit to the War Memorial. There were so many exhibits. If you are in Canberra, please don't miss this place.