Tuesday, August 21, 2012


On the way to Mt.Kinabalu park and Poring Hot Spring, a brief stop at Nabalu is recommended. It is located about 90 minutes drive from Kota kinabalu.   
Visitors can find a rich variety of local products, like fruits, vegetables, snacks and handicrafts in this small market place and enjoy the spectacular view of the Mt.Kinabalu on a clear day.       
It was our lucky day, the magnificent Mt.Kinabalu was cleared of cloud on our arrival
The 15-Meter Nabalu tower provides a bird eye view of Mt.Kinabalu and it's surroundings.
 Local handicrafts.
One of the fruit stalls
Pineapples in season.
Farmers selling their products along the walkway.  
"toilet break" - 20 cents per entry 
Nabalu has many unique offers to souvenir hunters in handicrafts like tribal arts, bead crafts and etc.     
Many will spend about 15-20 minutes at Nabalu before proceeding to Mt. Kinabalu Park which is approx., 30 minutes away.


starbuckers said...

Hi, may I know is there other stops for toilet other then Pekan Nabalu? Thank you.

WONGLC said...

You can stop for toilet break at BP or Shell station near Tampuruli (half way to Nabalu).