Saturday, October 9, 2010


From Moroli river, we moved on to a kampung near Poring Hot Spring. It was our lucky day when we stopped for some fruits at this road side stall. The owner of this small fruit garden invited us to see a Rafflesia in bloom just a few minutes walk from the stall. The rare and spectacular Rafflesia flower is rarely seen as it needs the perfect condition of right humidity and warmth for it to bloom. The Rafflesia flower would bloom for only 4 to 5 days. This was my second time to see a Rafflesia flower. My last experience was 3 years ago in the Tambunan Rafflesia Reserve Center. Next to the flower was a cabbage like bud of the Rafflesia - ready to bloom in about a week's time. For Rafflesia to grow from bud to flower, it will take at least seven or nine months. The local believe that the bud can be used as a traditional medicine. We ventured further into the garden where some of the tropical fruits were in season.
"Langsat" a local favourite. The "Mata Kuching" (Local longan) ready to be harvested. The Rambutan
We had our lunch at one of the food stalls near the entrance of Poring Hot Spring.
We had "Kampung fried rice". I do not recommend this dish to any foreign visitor as it was a very spicy dish with red hot chilli and dried shrimp paste.

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