Monday, March 15, 2010


It was my first experience flying this MASwings new ATR 72-500 from Kota Kinabalu to Miri on 11March 2010. MASwings is a wholly owned subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines currently operating a fleet of 7 new ATRs covering Sabah and Sarawak. By April 2010, they will have a total of 10 ATR aircrafts and the last 2 Fokker 50 will be phased out. This MASwings' ATR 72-500 offers 68 plush leather seats with 31”inches pitch.
There are 12 seats in the Business class cabin but only good for 6 passengers. The seats in both Business and Economy class are the same, however, each Business class passenger has the comfort of space, (occupying 2 seats) and the In-flight services include refreshments, continental breakfast, as well as light hot meals for lunch and dinner depending on the time and the duration of the flight. Passengers travelling on MASwings Business class also enjoy all other premium privileges, like 30 kgs baggage allowance, free lounge access, boarding convenience and etc etc.
The Economy class cabin.The ATR cabin is fitted with the in-flight entertainment screens.
Kota kinabalu city view as the aircraft was turning towards the south. The refreshment for this 55 minutes flight was a muffin, a packet of milo or apple juice. I requested for a hot coffee and was entertained. Beautiful Oxbow river as the aircraft was approaching Miri.
Final approach to land - passing the plantations and wetlands.
MH3263 landed at Miri airport at 16:50 - 5 minutes behind schedule.
After staying for 2 nights in Miri, I flew to Mulu.
Departing Miri on time.
I was travelling Business class on this sector. The fare differential between Economy and Business class is a mere RM55. For this 30 minutes flight, Business class passengers were served with vegetables/egg sandwiches, a cream tart and coffee or tea.
I noticed that there were still logging activities in the jungle near Mulu.
The site for storing logs was fully visible from the aircarft. I personnally think that this is a bad image to our foreign visitors.
Landed Mulu airport - on time.
The Mulu terminal.
A baggage handler pulling the baggage trolley.
The baggage delivery system in Mulu is at least 30 years behind time. There is no tow-truck to tow the baggage trolley and no baggage converyor belt in the arrival hall.
Royal Mulu Resort is 5 minutes away - this is one of the mode of transport for vistors.

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