Sunday, December 20, 2009


Fukuoka, the biggest city in Kyushu has a population of about 5 million people. One of the popular places visitors must go, is the Tenjin Chikagai, an underground city. The Chikagai is a comfortable place to shop and ideal place to escape the summer heat and cold winter. When I was working in Fukuoka many years ago, I used to frequent the Chikagai, not for shopping but to enjoy good snacks in some of the fine cafes there. The Tenjin Chikagai is just underneath this Watanabe Dori, the main street of Tenjin. Visitors may not realize that there is an underground city right beneath this busy street.
The Tenjin Subway Station (天神駅, Tenjin-eki) is located in this Chikagai providing easy access to Tenjin area. There are many shops in the Chikagai and from the many exits, one can go to most of the best department stores in the Watanabe dori like Tenjin Core, Mitsukoshi, Iwataya, Daimaru, Solaria, Best Denki and Bic camera.
These are some of the shops in the underground city.

Revisiting this Chikagai brought back a lot of fond memories.

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