Monday, June 14, 2010


My wife "left me" and spent the weekend in Kundasang near Mt.Kinabalu with her family. They put up a night at the Golden Kundasang Highlands' chalets and had a BBQ party. Golden Kundasang Highlands is one of the few accommodations built near the Mesilau and the Mt.Kinabalu Golf club area. It is about 2 hours drive from Kinabalu City. As the Mesilau area is about 1600 meter above sea level, the temperature is at an average of 12°C-18°C and it can much colder in the night. All the chalets were built on a hill slope facing Mt.Kinabalu - This picture was taken just after sunset.
Mt. Kinabalu view in the morning.
I have never been to this Golden Kundasang highlands but I was told that they have a total of 10 chalets, 2 deluxe and 8 standard units. All units have a living room, a kitchen, bed room with bathroom attached. Each room can sleep four as there are two bunk beds beside a queen bed. Looking at the pictures my wife and nephew took, this area has plenty of green with an abundance of beautiful flowers.

It is a good getaway from the city to spend the weekend in the natural beauty of the Mt.Kinabalu Highlands.

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