Sunday, June 21, 2009


"Taman Foh Sang" is one the busiest surburb in Kota Kinabalu. There are only 3 rows of shops with almost everything - coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacy, vegetables and fruits stalls. This is my favourate place for afternoon tea. Plenty of good food and snacks. I would recommend visitors who are food lovers to try the wide variety of delicious Malaysian food there. Geting there is no problem as it is only about 3 kms from the city. However, if you are driving, parking is the biggest headache. Double parking is very common here, contributing to traffic congestion most of the time

Coffee shops are always packed especially in the afternoon between 14:30-16:30. They open for business as early as 05:30 AM and close very late at night. You can find Malaysian food like, fried kuey teow (fired rice noodles), dumplings, steamed buns with different stuffings, and almost anything else including the popular satay. For lunch or dinner, there are restaurants for Chinese and local cuisines.

Fruits stalls in the area.
Sundry shops selling daily consumers goods. There are even gaming oulets like Toto and 4D.

A visit to "Foh Sang" is a way to enjoy the varety of Malaysian food and experience the local culture.

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